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CAPTIVATE® Ilyas et al. 2019

A mechanical comparison of the compressive force generated by various headless compression screws and the impact of
fracture gap size

Ilyas et al. Hand (NY) 16(5):604-611, 2019.

Research Study

Single-level in vitro kinematic comparison of novel inline cervical interbody devices with intervertebral screw, anchor, or blade

Arnold et al. Global Spine J 9(7) 697-707, 2019.

Research Study
COALITION® Panchal et al. 2017

A clinical comparison of anterior cervical plates versus stand-alone intervertebral fusion devices for single anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures

Panchal et al. World Neurosurg 99:630–637, 2017.

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Research Study

Are modular pedicle screws associated with a high complication rate following posterior spinal fixation?

Pugely et al. J Spine Surg 10 March [Epub ahead of print], 2023.

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CREO® Cho et al. 2020

The role of sagittal alignment in predicting major failure of lumbopelvic instrumentation – a biomechanical validation of lumbopelvic failure classification

Cho et al. Spine Deform 8(4):561-568, 2020.

Research Study
CREO® Radcliff et al. 2020

Guidelines for cortical screw versus pedicle screw selection from a fatigued decompressive lumbar laminectomy model show similar stability and less bone mineral density dependency              

Radcliff et al. Clin Biomech (Briston, Avon) 80:105195, 2020.

Research Study

Fixation strength of modified iliac screw trajectory compared to traditional iliac and S2 alar-iliac trajectories: a cadaveric study

Von Glinski et al. World Neurosurg 154:e481-e487, 2021.

Research Study
CREO® Witte et al. 2021

Biomechanical investigation of potential prophylactic scoliosis treatments following various sizes of chest wall resection

Witte et al. Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon) 87:105416, 2021.

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ELLIPSE® Kim et al. 2020

Effects of pre-contoured and in situ contoured rods on the mechanical strength and durability of posterior cervical instrumentation: a finite element analysis and scanning electron microscopy investigation

Kim et al. Spine Deform 8(4):569-576, 2020.

Research Study
ELSA® Brady et al. 2019

A novel lateral titanium expandable interbody spacer with integrated plate restores anterior and posterior disc height and intervertebral lordosis

Brady, et al. J Spine S8:002, 2019.

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Research Study

First spine surgery utilizing real-time image-guided robotic assistance

Ahmed et al. Comput Assist Surg (Abingdon) 24(1):13–17, 2019.

Research Study

Navigated robotic assistance results in improved screw accuracy and positive clinical outcomes: an evaluation of the first 54 cases

Benech et al. J Robot Surg 14(3):431-437, 2020.