Company Overview

Globus Medical Headquarters

Globus Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer with the goal of improving the quality of life for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. We are inspired by the needs of these patients and by the surgeons and healthcare providers who treat them.

Life Moves Us

Our philosophy is built on three fundamental principles: Providing Exceptional Response, Delivering Innovation, and Advancing Patient Care.

Providing Exceptional Response

Providing exceptional response starts with an understanding of surgeon customers and the challenges they face. Our team actively listens to and interacts with the surgeon community regarding patient pathologies, complex surgical techniques, and tough clinical challenges.

Our team is comprised of an experienced sales force and product development engine who are available to answer questions and provide technical support as needed. Exceptional response is one of the keys to our unprecedented growth.

Delivering Innovation

Globus delivers innovation every day by integrating biomechanical solutions into the continuum of care that’s advanced through novel implant and instrument designs. Our multifunctional robotics and navigation system is designed to improve accuracy and patient care and is the most comprehensive platform for imaging versatility.

Product development teams leverage a rapid design-prototype-test cycle to quickly transform concepts into validated products. These teams are backed by state-of-the-art fabrication and testing facilities, enabling engineers to quickly prototype and test products iteratively.

This continual focus on innovation has generated a comprehensive portfolio of Globus products designed to improve patient care.

Delivering Innovation Product Room

Advancing Patient Care

Advancing Patient Care

Globus works with hospitals, surgeons, educators, researchers, and volunteers to respond to the needs of surgeons and patients through education, research, and international outreach.

The Musculoskeletal Education and Research Center (MERC) provides educational opportunities and high-quality research to support healthcare professionals in improving patient outcomes. MERC partners with world renowned surgeon leaders to offer exceptional training in settings ranging from cadaveric labs to didactic sessions to peer-to-peer preceptorships.

The world-class MERC research facility embodies core areas of scientific excellence such as clinical research, biomechanical testing, histology, histomorphometry, radiography, SEM imaging, micro CT, videography, in vivo modeling, and fellowship training.

Investing In Our future

The future offers great promise as researchers and engineers at Globus face new challenges in developing earlier treatment interventions, improvements in minimally invasive surgery, and emerging technologies.

New areas of exploration include imaging, navigation, and robotics solutions to streamline and improve surgical workflow.

This effort involves collaboration with clinicians to save time and increase accuracy while decreasing radiation exposure to the patient and surgical staff.

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