Published Research

Globus Medical MERC Research
Research Study

Minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion with expandable versus static interbody devices: radiographic assessment of sagittal segmental and pelvic parameters.

Neurosurg Focus 43 (2):E10, 2017

Research Study

Assessment of radiographic and clinical outcomes of an articulating expandable interbody cage in minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion for spondylolisthesis.

Neurosurg Focus 44 (1):E8, 2018

Research Study

A radiographic analysis of the use of banana-shaped articulating interbody spacers in lumbar spine fusion: retrospective design

Russo et al. Interdiscip Neurosurg 23 (2021) 100918, 2020.

Research Study
ANTHEM® Ilyas et al. 2020.

Bridge plate design effects on yield and fatigue in distal radius fracture model

Ilyas et al. J Wrist Surg July 6 [Epub ahead of print], 2020.

Research Study

Minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion using expandable technology: a clinical and radiographic analysis of 50 patients

World Neurosurg 90:228–235, 2016

Research Study

In Vitro Biomechanical and Fluoroscopic Study of a Continuously Expandable Interbody Spacer Concerning Its Role in Insertion Force and Segmental Kinematics

Asian Spine J 2018;12(4):1-610

Research Study

Clinical and radiographic analysis of expandable versus static lateral lumbar interbody fusion devices with two-year follow-up.

J Spine Surg 4(1):62–71, 2018

Research Study

Indirect decompression and vertebral body endplate strength after lateral interbody spacer impaction: cadaveric and foam-block models

J Neurosurg Spine 24(5):727–733, 2016.

Research Study
CAPTIVATE® Ilyas et al. 2019

A mechanical comparison of the compressive force generated by various headless compression screws and the impact of
fracture gap size

Ilyas et al. Hand (NY) Sep 30 [Epub ahead of print], 2019.

Research Study

Single-Level In Vitro Kinematic Comparison of Novel Inline Cervical Interbody Devices With Intervertebral Screw, Anchor, or Blade

Global Spine Journal 2019, Vol. 9(7) 697-707

Research Study
COALITION® Panchal et al. 2017

A clinical comparison of anterior cervical plates versus stand-alone intervertebral fusion devices for single anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures.

World Neurosurg 99:630–637, 2017

Research Study
CREO® Cho et al. 2020.

The role of sagittal alignment in predicting major failure of lumbopelvic instrumentation – a biomechanical validation of lumbopelvic failure classification

Cho et al. Spine Deform May 29 [Epub ahead of print], 2020.