Case Studies Excelsius® Technology Surgeon Spotlights

Surgeon Spotlight: How Robotics Transformed the Care of a Stroke Patient

The Surgeon Dr. Michael D. Fromke is a neurosurgeon affiliated with Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida. He is...
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Excelsius® Technology Patient Education Success Stories

Keturah’s ExcelsiusGPS® Success Story

Keturah Forry was just six months old when she was diagnosed with a life-altering spinal condition called lipomyelomenigocele, a severe...
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Case Studies Hospital Highlights Surgeon Spotlights

Excelsius® Prone Lateral Hospital Highlight: Danbury Hospital

During the first week of April, Danbury Hospital became the first hospital in Connecticut to perform robotic prone lateral surgery....
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Excelsius® Technology Patient Education

Then and Now: The Evolution of Mobile Medical Imaging

On November 8, 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen became the first person to observe electromagnetic radiation in wavelength range. He...
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