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Globus Medical uses a team approach involving collaboration among healthcare professionals to develop ground-breaking technologies and advance care solutions for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

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HEDRON IA Spacer with screws

“For the ALIF procedure, I require an implant that’s easy to insert yet provides a sturdy construct. HEDRON® delivered with the additional benefit of endplate-to-endplate porosity to promote fusion.”

Dr. Joshua S. Rovner
Orthopedic Surgeon

I performed a spinal surgery where it took the robot five minutes to help me place six screws through a minimally invasive incision.

Nicholas Theodore, M.D.

The FORTIFY VA™ variable angle endplate self-aligns to the vertebral body as the implant expands, allowing for optimized load distribution and offers 16° of in situ polyaxial angulation for lordotic and kyphotic constructs.

RISE L Lateral Case Study Galizzi

The RISE®-L implant allowed for restoration of her severe degenerative L2-L3 level disc height, correcting both retrolisthesis and neuroforaminal stenosis, as well as an improvement in segmental and overall lumbar lordosis.

Michael Gallizzi, MD, MS
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Educational and Research Opportunities

Education and Research

Our MERC division delivers a comprehensive series of educational and research programs through collaboration with healthcare professionals.

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Research Laboratory

We maintain a multidisciplinary research center with core areas of research excellence across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines.

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May 7 – May 11, 2024

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