Product Overview

The STRETTO® Cable System is a low-profile cabling system designed for secure fracture fixation with minimum soft tissue disruption.

STRETTO® provides innovative instruments to streamline cable insertion, including variable radius cable passers, a dedicated soft tissue passer retractor, and a dual-function cable tensioner for efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Implant Set

The system offers cables and crimps that may be used in conjunction with stainless steel or titanium plates. The press-in cable anchors fit in 4.5mm holes for unification with existing ANTHEM­® plates.

Cable Passers

Six different passer options are available to accommodate diverse patient anatomies, with two variable radius options designed to keep the passer tip close to the bone.

Dual Tensioner

Allows surgeons to pull tension quickly with the pistol grip, then fine-tune with the rotary knob.