Product Overview

The AUTOBAHN® EVO Retrograde Femoral Nailing System offers a comprehensive system of implants and instruments that incorporates solutions for native and periprosthetic distal femur fractures.

The system provides multiple fixation options to address a variety of supracondylar distal femur fractures, and features headless screws, a locking washer, and condyle washers and nuts.

Features and Benefits

Approaches and Locking Options

Designed for native or prosthetic fracture care, these nails enable supracondylar fixation with multi-planar screws and SURESTART® Threaded technology.

Supplemental Implants

Locking washers for added distal fixation and lateral buttressing, and condyle washers for more cortical contact, offer specialized implant solutions.

Enhanced Instruments

An easy-to use aiming arm, simplified trocar sleeves, and a pre-assembled locking washer offer ease of insertion and targeting.