Product Overview

The SECURE-C® Cervical Artificial Disc is a motion-sparing technology designed as an alternative to fusion. Through its unique selectively constrained design, SECURE-C® is designed to allow up to ±15º motion in flexion-extension and up to ±10º motion in lateral bending. The design is intended to allow unlimited axial rotation and to permit sagittal plane translation of ±1.25mm. Clinical study data demonstrates statistical superiority of SECURE-C® to ACDF in terms of overall success and patient satisfaction at 84 months postoperative.

SECURE-C® Literature

FDA Approval Order
FDA Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data
Patient Brochure
Seven Year Clinical Results Highlights
IDE Clinical Study Overview (Includes 7 year clinical results)
Surgical Technique
Technical Overview

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Features and Benefits

Motion Preservation

SECURE-C® is designed to allow motion through its novel selectively constrained design, which provides articulation and sagittal plane translation.

Optimal Fit

The device is available in two sagittal profiles (0º & 6º lordosis) and a range of footprints and heights to fit the disc space.

Streamlined Technique

Exclusive instruments allow for device placement in three basic steps: Trial – Chisel – Insert

Patient Brochure

This brochure provides you with information about a treatment
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