Product Overview

The COALITION AGX® Plate is a versatile low profile anterior cervical plate that provides strength and a natural anatomical fit. Available in two distinct profiles, the plate offers the benefits of a standard cervical plate, while allowing less disruption to patient anatomy. The COALITION AGX® Plate can be used with your preferred cervical interbody spacer such as the COALITION AGX® Spacer, HEDRON IC® Spacer, COLONIAL®, HEDRON C®, SUSTAIN® Medium, or FORGE®.

Features and Benefits

Less Disruptive

Facilitates a less invasive approach through a small incision with minimal retraction.

Anatomically Friendly

Provides low profile options designed to preserve the anatomical profile of the spine.

Strength and Stability

Biomechanically comparable to a traditional ACDF plate at 1-level.*

*Data on file