Product Overview

REVERE® is a thoracolumbar stabilization system with a full range of polyaxial screws, rods and connectors, providing convenience and ease of use in surgery to treat a variety of posterior lumbar conditions with simplicity. REVERE® offers uniplanar, monoaxial and dual outer diameter screws as well as threaded and non-threaded reduction screws and includes a variety of cross connectors optimized to enhance construct stability.

Features and Benefits

Non-Threaded Locking Mechanism

Eliminates cross-threading and may help reduce operative time due to faster insertion of locking caps.

Optimal Screw Design

Top-loading screw design with a double lead thread (up to 7.5mm diameter) to enable rapid insertion, and ±30° screw angulation for intraoperative adaptability.

Low Profile

Less prominence and minimal run-on-rod simplifies assembly in common lumbar procedures.