Product Overview

REVERE® 6.35 Deformity is a large diameter rod system that offers adaptability, ease of use, and a wide range of options to meet the needs of complex multilevel deformity cases. The system can be utilized in a complete range of posterior thoracolumbar procedures with multiple screw, rod material, and rod reduction options. REVERE® 6.35 Deformity offers uniplanar, monoaxial, and Dual Outer Diameter screws as well as Reduction Screws and a variety of cross connectors optimized to enhance construct stability.

Features and Benefits

Low Profile, Double Lead Threads

Easy and rapid screw insertion.

Non-Threaded Locking Mechanisms

Captures the rod with a 90° rotation that eliminates cross-threading.

Wide Range of Options

Allows surgeons to meet the challenges of the most complex cases.