Product Overview

HEDRON IC® is a 3D printed ACDF spacer that can be used as an interbody spacer itself or combined with the COALITION AGX Plate and screws as a stand-alone plate-spacer. HEDRON IC® features a biomimetic porous scaffolding designed to promote bone formation onto and through the implant.


Features and Benefits

The Face of Fusion

An ovine interbody study demonstrated significantly more bone ingrowth within HEDRON® implants at 6 weeks post-op compared to PEEK and solid titanium implants.*


* Data on file

Intraoperative Integration

The HEDRON IC® spacer and COALITION AGX® plate may be intraoperatively assembled for a low-profile approach requiring minimal retraction.

Natural Anatomical Profile

The HEDRON IC® Plate-Spacer is designed to preserve the natural anatomical profile of the cervical spine.