Product Overview

The AUTOBAHN® Trochanteric Nailing System is designed to treat a variety of pertrochanteric femur fractures. The PRO Instrument Set offers streamlined instruments to provide a complete procedural targeting solution.

The Universal Nailing Set, compatible with AUTOBAHN® Troch Nail PRO instruments and AUTOBAHN® EVO Femoral Nails, provides simple and efficient instrumentation across multiple nailing platforms. The AUTOBAHN® Distal Targeting System is designed to facilitate consistent distal screw targeting and implantation.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Instruments

An MIS Insertion Handle, simple MIS anteversion check, and intuitive sleeve retention offer an efficient procedural targeting solution.

Targeted Anti-Rotation Wires

Built-in options for targeted anti-rotation wires are designed to help minimize femoral head rotation, with 3 anterior and 3 posterior options to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

Distal Targeting

The system is designed to facilitate consistent percutaneous distal screw targeting, with simple adjustment and rigid sleeve retention.