Product Overview

CREO AMP™ (Advanced Modular Platform) leverages the design of Globus Medical’s thoracolumbar stabilization systems, offering a unique and powerful advantage for intraoperative versatility, access and visualization. CREO™ AMP is available in threaded and non-threaded designs in titanium alloy or cobalt chrome alloy.

Features and Benefits

Optimized Visualization and Access

Insertion of screw posts prior to screw heads allows for optimized visualization, decortication, and access in a compact operative area.

Confidence in Construct Stability

A lock/release indicator on the inserter indicates that the screw head is secured intraoperatively. Mechanical strength testing shows the intraoperatively assembled and preassembled screw construct to be equivalent.*

Solutions for Complex Spinal Pathologies

Offers an extensive array of connector options, including polyaxial and closed screw heads, offset connectors, sacral plates, and lamina clamps.

*Data on file