Electronic IFU Information

This site provides Instructions for Use (IFU) documents intended for healthcare professionals and information for patients.

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Electronic Instructions for Use (IFU)

The responsibility resides with the user to ensure that the most current version of the IFU is used.

The IFU documents on this site are only valid on the date accessed.

To obtain a paper copy of current Instructions For Use, please contact your local Globus Medical representative, or email eifu@globusmedical.com.

Contact Address:

Globus Medical, Inc.
2560 General Armistead Avenue
Audubon, PA 19403
phone: (610) 930-1800

Click here to access NuVasive product IFUs.

Download Documentation

eIFUs can be accessed via any device (laptops, desktops, mobile devices) that is connected to the internet. For best results, use Adobe Acrobat to view Globus IFU’s.