Hospital Highlight: Island Hospital

Dr Lu standing next to ExcelsiusGPS arm
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Dr Lu standing next to ExcelsiusGPS arm

Island Hospital in Anacortes, Washington is the only hospital in the State of Washington to receive the 100 Best Orthopedic Surgery award in 2021. With the acquisition of the ExcelsiusGPS® robotic navigation system, their already highly successful Sport & Spine program has set Island Hospital apart from surrounding community facilities.

Brittany Pendersen, a Globus Medical senior spine specialist, expressed, “Island Hospital is a tight-knit community with an incredible staff. It’s very clear to me that Island Hospital wants to be a spearhead and premier robotic minimally invasive surgery (MIS) spine center in the area. Everyone here wants to learn, help, and teach.”

Their First Robotic Case

On June 30, 2021, Island Hospital completed its first case with ExcelsiusGPS®. Dr. Dawei Lu preformed a L4-L5 minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) with CREO® MIS screws and RISE® interbody. Dr. Lu is an orthopedic spine surgeon specializing in adult degenerative conditions of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

The plan was executed seamlessly and final X-rays confirmed exact planned placement of both screws and interbody. Dr. Lu was thrilled about the results.

“With the ability to preplan,” Brittany Pendersen elaborated, “[Dr. Lu] felt he had a smaller incision and less muscle and soft tissue damage compared to when he did conventional surgery. Dr. Lu also saw an immediate radiation reduction from his previous bi-planar workflow.”

Dr. Lu on ExcelsiusGPS®

Dr. Lu states, “I am thrilled to incorporate the ExcelsiusGPS® technology into my surgical procedures at Island Hospital. I anticipate many benefits for my patients, most notably in the many ways that this device will add precision and efficiency. This is a revolutionary technological tool that will no doubt have a positive impact on many lives.”

Dr. Lu’s surgical expertise lies in minimally invasive spine surgery. As an early adopter and firm believer in MIS, Dr. Lu uses the latest techniques and procedures to ensure patients are treated individually to attain the best possible outcomes.

“From my time at Island Hospital, it is very obvious that everyone, from the nurses and surgeons to the administration, wants to provide the best patient care,” Brittany Pendersen explained. “Dr. Lu, in particular, is a big advocate for expanding available MIS procedures through advanced robotic technology.”

Island Hospital is proud to be leading the way in the field of robotic surgery, and will continue to provide award-winning orthopedic service to the region.

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  • Dr Lu and coworker standing next to ExcelsiusGPS
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  • Dr Lu standing next to ExcelsiusGPS arm
  • Dr Lu standing next to ExcelsiusGPS arm
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