Excelsius® Technology MERC Course – June 11-12, 2021 Recap

MERC course members posing in front of Globus Medical building
  • June 14, 2021
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MERC course members posing in front of Globus Medical building
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The Excelsius® Technology Symposium was hosted in Audubon, PA on June 11-12, 2021.

On Friday, attendees settled in for a welcome reception and dinner, where they could meet and network with ExcelsiusGPS® experts and surgeons interested in starting their ExcelsiusGPS® journey.

Saturday was fully packed with panel discussions and bioskills labs. During the working lunch, attendees presented upcoming complex cases and gained feedback from the panel of surgeons as well as attendees regarding treatment options. The entire day was an open forum for discussion and live questions.

The main points of discussion were:

  • ExcelsiusGPS® for advanced lateral techniques
  • Complex cases utilizing Interbody Solutions
  • Continuing evolution of robotic-assisted surgery
  • Tips to incorporate ExcelsiusGPS® into surgical practice

During the bioskills lab, the surgeons were able to gain hands-on experience with ExcelsiusGPS®. Featured surgical techniques included complex lateral techniques, single position LLIF, and MIS TLIF. Surgeons also received a comprehensive presentation of the new cranial software, highlighting the full range of applications for stereotactic cranial procedures.

A total of 16 surgeons attended the course with 7 faculty and 2 chairmen.


The Excelsius® Technology MERC Course provides a thorough understanding of the clinical uses of Globus’ unique robotic navigation system. The course is taught by thought leaders on robotic spine surgery and provides an opportunity for neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons to advance their knowledge and surgical skills related to this technology.

View additional pictures:

  • Dr Vardiman giving presentation
    Figure 1 Dr. Vardiman reviews the multifunctional properties of ExcelsiusGPS® to the audience.
  • Dr Zook explains LLIF procedure
    Figure 2 Dr. Zook explains LLIF applications with ExcelsiusGPS® to visiting surgeons.
  • Dr Variman giving a cranial demo
    Figure 3 Dr. Variman gives a comprehensive cranial demo on ExcelsiusGPS®.
  • Surgeon placing navigated biopsy needle
    Figure 4 Visiting surgeon places a navigated biopsy needle on pre-planned trajectory utilizing ExcelsiusGPS® cranial software.
  • Dr Booher demonstrates instrument tracking
    Figure 5 Dr. Booher demonstrates live instrument tracking with ExcelsiusGPS®.