Product Overview

ViaCell® is a cellular allograft containing viable cells including inherent stem cells and osteoprogenitor cells that are essential requirements for bone formation. ViaCell® has many of the same characteristics as the gold standard of bone grafting, iliac crest bone graft, without the morbidity of autograft harvesting. ViaCell® is a cohesive putty that can easily be molded and delivered to the treatment site. The components of ViaCell® provide the three essential elements of bone formation: osteogenic cells, osteoconductive scaffold, and osteoinductive growth factors.

ViaCell® is minimally processed human tissue regulated by the FDA under 21 CFR Part 1271 and Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act.

ViaCell® is processed by Bone Bank Allografts.

Features and Benefits

Viable Cells

Stem cells play a key role in bone regeneration by differentiating into bone-forming osteoblasts. (1-5)

Exceptional Handling

ViaCell® is a cohesive putty that can easily be molded and delivered to the treatment site.

Optimized Donor Screening

Stringent donor screening standards exceeding AATB and FDA requirements, including donor age requirements, help to ensure cell health and quantity.



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