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Whether in person or through a virtual platform, we continue our dedication to sharing our first-in-class technology to help you improve the lives of patients.

Visit our virtual booth today for an interactive and dynamic experience. There you can browse for educational opportunities, view our latest technologies, and chat with our experts. View the calendar for a current list of events.

MERC Education

Globus Medical is committed to continuous improvement in patient care and outcomes, and works with hospitals, surgeons, educators, researchers and volunteers to pursue this goal.

Through MERC, we provide live and virtual educational opportunities and programs that offer hands-on labs, case reviews, discussions, live surgery observations and a comprehensive lecture series.

MERC Education and Research Programs
MERC Learning Events

MERC Symposium

The Annual MERC Symposium, held in Audubon, Pennsylvania, brings together internationally recognized researchers and surgeon faculty from a variety of multidisciplinary subspecialties on a single platform. 

Peers discuss current concepts in spinal surgery and facilitate the exchange of scientific and clinical perspective with the goal of improving care and treatment of patients with spinal pathologies.