Product Overview

CREO® 5.5 Stabilization System offers a complete array of low-profile thoracolumbar stabilization implants for use with a 5.5mm diameter rod, for treating a range of spinal pathologies. Designed to enhance procedural efficiency and ease of use, this system offers a competitively low profile design, non-threaded locking, and intuitive instruments.

Features and Benefits

Optimized Visualization and Access

Implants have a low profile and reducers are designed with minimal bulk for improved visualization.

Non-Threaded Locking Mechanism

Non-threaded locking mechanism provisionally captures locking caps with a single quarter-turn, effectively eliminating cross-threading, with low torque required for final tightening.

Efficiency Engineered

The Semi-Automatic Locking Cap Driver holds and dispenses 8 locking caps and has been shown to allow 75% faster insertion than the traditional locking cap application.*

*Based on internal testing; actual results may vary per case.