Product Overview

The ADIRA™ Lateral Plate System is designed to refine lateral plating by offering simplified insertion workflows, and a rigid coupling mechanism to confidently align plates over interbody spacers to enhance construct stability.

Features and Benefits

Spacer Migration Protection

ADIRA™ plates are designed to rigidly thread into compatible interbody spacers to help reduce the risk of spacer migration, creating a stand-alone construct when used with two bone screws.*

Construct Versatility

ADIRA™ plates offer compatibility with a suite of fixation bone screws, as well as Lateral MIS anchors.

Fewer Procedural Steps

Static compatible plates can be inserted as a single construct, thereby reducing the number of instrument passes required for insertion.


*ADIRA™ 2-Hole Plate-Spacers are intended for stand-alone use in patients with DDD at one or two levels only when <20° lordotic implants are used with two screws.