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Designed to enhance safety and improve efficiency for patients, staff and surgeons in operating rooms around the world every day.

Multifunction Robotics + Navigation
Imaging Versatility
Unique Real-Time Information
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Robotics + Navigation

The platform is designed to improve accuracy and optimize patient care by using both robotics and navigation.

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Opportunity + Options

Robotics + Navigation

ExcelsiusGPS® is the most comprehensive robotic navigation platform that is compatible with any imaging system for spine surgery. The surgeon can visualize, plan and navigate patient anatomy in real-time.
Select from three imaging workflow options with ExcelsiusGPS® Robotic Navigation platform:
– Intraoperative CT (3D)
– Preoperative CT (3D)
– Fluoroscopy (2D)

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Unique Real-Time Information

Safety + Efficiency

ExcelsiusGPS® is built to continually evolve and improve patient care. The surgeon can verify operative planning and receive real-time navigation feedback throughout the procedure.
– Accuracy Surveillance Monitoring
– Force Sensing Technology
– Active Navigation Tracking

ExcelsiusCPS technology
Cohesive, integrated navigation camera tracks all active and passive navigated arrays throughout the procedure.
Rigid robotic arm aligns to the planned trajectory and maintains positioning regardless of complexity.
Touchscreen monitor
Touch screen monitor intuitively outlines workflows for streamlined and efficient procedures. Visualize, plan, and navigate in real-time.
End Effector
Actively navigated end effector allows for real-time trajectory alignment and relative motion tracking.
Base station
The mobile and compact base station makes for easy movement in and out of the OR. Once positioned, the stabilizers are quickly engaged to secure the base station to the floor without attaching to the bed or patient.

Improving Screw Placement Accuracy

100% of screws placed in a cadaveric study with ExcelsiusGPS® resulted in Grade 0 breaches

Reducing Radiation Exposure

An MIS technique was performed in a cadaveric study using ExcelsiusGPS® without the radiation exposure inherent to conventional MIS procedures.

Increasing MIS Efficiency

In a cadaveric study, ExcelsiusGPS® reduced overall MIS operative time in comparison to the conventional MIS technique.

With ExcelsiusGPS® I’m pretty much doing everything. I’ve migrated all of my lower cervical, thoracic, lumbar and iliac cases to robotics and everything from simple to minimally invasive TLIFs to large open scoliosis reconstructions, vertebral column resections, and oncology resections. Pretty much every time I put a pedicle screw in I’m using robotics at this point.

Dr. Nicholas Theodore
Neurosurgeon | Johns Hopkins Hospital