Product Overview

The centerpiece of the REFLECT® Scoliosis Correction System is a flexible, durable cord that allows for deformity correction by harnessing the power of innate patient growth, while preserving motion. Non-fusion fixation with the flexible cord is applied on the convex side of the scoliotic spine to limit growth on the convex side and allow more growth on the concave side.

Features and Benefits

Minimally Invasive

REFLECT® is designed to be implanted through a mini-open or thoracoscopic approach to help minimize tissue disruption and scar tissue formation.

Optimized Implant Offering

Low profile screws with a non-threaded locking mechanism and diameter-specific staples, used in conjunction with the REFLECT® cord, create an optimized construct to achieve spinal alignment and maintain stability, while allowing growth in skeletally immature patients.

Intraoperative Deformity Correction

Multi-functional instruments facilitate cord insertion and tensioning and provide precise control of curve correction and stabilization intraoperatively. The flexible, durable cord limits growth on the convex side of the curve while allowing for additional correction as the patient grows.