Product Overview

Direct Look™ is an MIS approach to lateral access, utilizing a series of streamlined retractors that enable direct visualization of the psoas muscle and identification of the corridor’s neural structures.

Features and Benefits

Incorporates Established Techniques to the Lateral Procedure

Unlike traditional lateral procedures, Direct Look™ provides visualized access to the surgical corridor allowing the use of established surgical techniques through a muscle splitting approach rather than blind dilation.

May Help Reduce Iatrogenic Neural Complications

Direct visualization eliminates the uncertainty of dilating blindly through the psoas muscle and allows for mobilization and avoidance of neural structures comprising the lumbar plexus, particularly the genitofemoral nerve.

Allows for Less Tissue Disruption Compared to Other Surgical Alternatives

Direct Look™ is a lateral MIS technique that preserves key muscles of the back as well as the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments. It allows for a smaller incision and a muscle splitting approach that may help reduce blood loss and limit tissue damage.