Product Overview

CROSSWAY™ TransCorporeal MicroDecompression (TCMD) targets the removal of disc herniation fragments or osteophytes through anterior access to the vertebral foramen.  This allows for early surgical intervention in the spinal care continuum to address early stage herniation or stenosis.  CROSSWAY™ may be used independently or in conjunction with other techniques.

Features and Benefits

Preservation of Anatomy

Access and decompress through a vertebral channel

Quick Return to Activities

In a retrospective clinical study of 62 patients treated with TCMD, average return to work was 10 days1

1) David W. Lowry, MD, Scott M. Tuinstra, PA-C, Kevin Liang Ph. D, Joseph A. Sclafani MD. Clinical outcomes after cervical transcorpeal microdecompression and vertebral body access channel repair International Journal of Spine Surgery: 2015: 9; 10

Early Surgical Intervention Option

TCMD allows for less invasive intervention to address early stage herniation or stenosis