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Course Title Faculty  
ExcelsiusGPS®: Relevancy of Robotics in Healthcare Evolution
Live Roundtable Discussion – ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions Dr. Iyer & Dr. Park register now
Leveraging ExcelsiusGPS® for Spinal Deformity Dr. Protopsaltis register now
Posterior Cervical With ExcelsiusGPS® Prof. Peter Douglas Klassen register now
Why I Chose ExcelsiusGPS®: Transitioning From Open To MIS Dr. Deepak Reddy register now
Skeptic to Believer: How ExcelsiusGPS® Changed My Practice and Approach to Surgery Dr. Roland Kent register now
Spinal Robotics in Academic Medicine Dr. Goldstein & Dr. Theodore register now
Case Study Conversations: Advanced ExcelsiusGPS® Techniques
Clinical Experience With ExcelsiusGPS® Dr. John Choi register now
Complex Surgical Techniques For Adult And Adolescent Spine Surgery Dr. Hegde & Dr. Choi register now
Interbody Solutions with ExcelsiusGPS® Dr. Qureshi register now
Case Study Conversations: Advanced Trauma Techniques
Proximal Third Tibial Fractures: Plate or Nail ? Dr. Sciadini & Dr. Sen register now
Distal Radius Fractures: Challenges and Solutions Dr. Ilyas & Dr. Pensy register now
Strategies for Proximal Humerus Fractures: What’s Your Trajectory Dr. Smith register now
Complete Solutions Clavicle Fractures Dr. Murthi, Dr. Kalandiak, Dr. Levy, Dr. Abboud, Dr. Govey, Dr. Wolfe & Dr. Jamgochian register now
Case Study Conversations: Advanced Spine Techniques
A Team Approach: Advanced Lumbar Surgery Dr. Gallizzi & Dr. Garland register now
Advanced Lateral Spine Series (ALL Release) Dr. Ahmadian & Dr. Deukmedjian register now
Advanced Lateral Series: Anterior-to-Psoas Approach Dr. Dean Chou and Dr. Choll Kim register now
Deformity Correction Strategies Dr. Hedge & Dr. Jayaswal register now
Lumbar Access Surgery Dr. O’brien & Dr. Babrowicz register now
Scoliosis Correction Solutions: A Non-Fusion Procedure Dr. Trobisch & Prof. Alanay register now
IntraLIF® Taking MIS TLIF to The Next Level Dr. Choll Kim & Dr. Michael Steinmetz register now
Surgical Decision-Making: Ask the Experts
Tricks of Trade: My First Years Dr. Park & Dr. Patel register now

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