Top 5 Ways Excelsius® Cranial Solutions Will Revolutionize Your OR

Surgeon touching ExcelsiusGPS screen
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Two surgical applications, one dependable robot! ExcelsiusGPS® now has expanded applications to include robotic navigation for cranial stereotactic procedures.

Globus Medical’s team of engineers and neurosurgeons designed Excelsius® Cranial Solutions to combine superior technology with one-of-a-kind preoperative navigation planning and fully integrated robotic trajectory alignment.

Here are the key features that make Excelsius® Cranial Solutions best in class!

Surgeon touching ExcelsiusGPS screen

Integrated Navigation and Robotic Trajectory Alignment

Excelsius® Cranial Solutions is the first system on the market to streamline the entire workflow from target and entry point planning through instrument and implant placement, all with one integrated system.

Several built-in redundancies help users to maintain navigation integrity and accuracy, increasing surgeon confidence in their trajectories.

Surgeon attaching cranial end effector

Interchangeable Guide End Effector

The newest ExcelsiusGPS® robotic arm attachment, the Interchangeable Guide End Effector, easily adapts to different instrument diameters through a series of interchangeable guide tubes, and improves safety by preventing arm movement during instrument engagement.

The active navigation of the Interchangeable Guide End Effector allows ExcelsiusGPS® to locate the exact position of the robotic arm, in real time.

Surgeon using drill with guide

Cranial Adjustable Drill Guide

The cranial adjustable drill guide helps minimize skiving by docking directly to the patient’s skull through the rigid End Effector.

The guide enables drill depth to be set based on patient images.

Surgeon positioning patient stabilization stand

Patient Stabilization Stand

This floor-mounted platform easily positions under conventional OR tables to rigidly fixate the patient during the procedure.

It is designed for rigid patient fixation, a smaller OR footprint, and minimal disruption during imaging, while allowing for a mobile robotic base station.

Surgeon touching ExcelsiusGPS screen

CT-Fluoroscopy Registration Workflow

Excelsius® Cranial Solutions offers the only fluoroscopy-based registration method for cranial applications on the market. It is designed to decrease registration time while maintaining accuracy and minimizing radiation exposure.

This workflow provides simplified patient registration with only two fluoroscopy images merged to a preoperative CT scan.

Revolutionize Your OR

From common biopsies to complex DBS procedures, Excelsius® Cranial Solutions adapts to each preferred workflow, in one reliable platform.

The integrated smart monitoring and stabilization features make ExcelsiusGPS® the most comprehensive robotic navigation platform on the market today.