Top 10 Excelsius3D® Features that Work Smarter, Not Harder

Surgeons using Excelsius3D in the OR
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Excelsius3D® hits the market as the first 3-in-1 imaging platform, combining cone-beam CT, fluoroscopy, and digital radiography in one imaging unit for elegant adaptability and efficiency. There’s no need for multiple imaging systems in one procedure.

Here are the Top 10 Features that will unleash your OR efficiency with Excelsius3D®, helping you work smarter and not harder.

360° Gantry Rotation

Excelsius3D®’s gantry is equipped with two C’s, an inner and outer, that are nested together and rotate independently to achieve 360° total rotatability. This full 360° rotation optimizes image quality in 3D compared to other systems with a single C.

AmpliField™ Technology

Excelsius3D® boasts a 43cm x 43cm X-ray detector panel that optimally aligns with the X-ray source to provide the largest image possible. This AmpliField™ Technology not only provides a large field of view, but may also reduce the number of shots taken for longer constructs.


Reduce imaging setup time with Excelsius3D®’s omni-wheels. These power-driven, multidirectional wheels glide in any direction, allowing for ease of motion and swift, streamlined system transport.

Position Memory

Excelsius3D® stores up to three saved positions per case. With a press of a button, the system can automatically return to these positions for expedited intraoperative imaging setup and acquisition for frequently required images without taking repetitive scout shots.


Excelsius3D®’s wag axis rotates about the isocenter to reduce time fine-tuning the system’s position for optimal visualization. CentroWag™ is fully enabled via the joystick controls.

Joystick Control

Effortlessly control Excelsius3D®’s motion with the handheld controller’s three joysticks. Each joystick permits one-handed system motion and precise positioning of both the wheels and gantry, even in the tightest of spaces.

Automatic Metal Artifact Reduction

Excelsius3D®’s projection-based algorithms control artifacts caused by metal. This allows for maintained image quality when metal, such as an implant, is detected in the image.

Removable X-Ray Grid

Minimize radiation exposure based on imaging needs with Excelsius3D®’s removable X-ray grid. The focused X-ray grid reduces scatter and provides enhanced image quality. For cases that require low doses, like pediatrics, the grid is removed.

Automatic Window Level Enhancement

Excelsius3D® features built-in adjustment of window level post-acquisition, with optimization of brightness and contrast for minimal user input to reach preferred image processing.

Integrated Navigation Arrays

Two built-in active LED arrays, located on either side of Excelsius3D®’s gantry, allow for automatic image registration with ExcelsiusGPS® for all three navigation workflows. Automatic registration eliminates the ICT and fluoroscopy registration fixtures for a shortened and simplified registration process.

Drive OR Efficiency

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple imaging systems in one procedure with Excelsius3D®’s three imaging modalities. The system offers unmatched imaging adaptability, intelligence, and automation in a truly multifunctional device.

Work with the newest, most intelligent technology to expedite your team’s imaging workflow and jumpstart your smart, integrated OR.

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