Second Annual Meeting of the Robotic Navigation Institute

RNI 2023 attendees
  • March 17, 2023
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March 3-4, 2023 in Orlando, Florida

We are excited to announce that the Second Annual Robotic Navigation Institute (RNI) Meeting was a huge success! Over 45 surgeon attendees participated in the meeting.

The surgeon leaders for the 2023 US RNI meeting included Dr. Nicholas Theodore, Dr. Roland Kent, Dr. Brandon Carlson, Dr. Themistocles Protopsaltis, Dr. Sheeraz Qureshi, Dr. Andrew Manista, Dr. Jeffery A. Goldstein, and Dr. Arnold Vardiman.


The RNI, as Dr. Nicholas Theodore stated, “is a collection of early adopters, people interested in robotic technology and surgeons who have used the technology for quite some time. It is a forum to discuss tips and techniques, and how people are really expanding the usage of this technology. This is a ground for discussion and debate on how things are going in the field and what the future holds. RNI is very exciting.”

The RNI seeks to create a platform for interested robotic spine and cranial surgeons to discuss clinical experiences, share research, and build community. RNI meetings serve as the beginning of a new era in orthopedics and neurosurgery as the institute brings cutting-edge technology into the operating room to improve surgical accuracy and patient care. Enabling technology is revolutionizing the way spine surgery is performed. This is an exciting time to be a spine surgeon, and the RNI looks forward to discussing the benefits of enabling technology irrespective of whether it is utilized in an easy or complex procedure. Surgeons must strive to maximize the advantages of robotics to advance their field while maintaining the safety and quality of care they provide. This forum helps to educate a new generation of surgeons and to elevate the art of surgery. The future is now! 

RNI 2023

On the first day, attendees were welcomed to the meeting by the surgeon faculty as well as Jay Martin, the President of Imaging, Navigation, and Robotics, and Norbert Johnson, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer. Surgeons had the opportunity to connect with ExcelsiusGPS® experts, share knowledge, and ask questions.

The second day focused on peer-to-peer learning and in-depth conversations. The day was integrated with case presentations, panel and group discussions, and Q&A sessions.

A wide variety of topics were covered over the course of this meeting, including:

  • Core benefits of robotics and navigation
  • Cranial applications
  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles
  • Pediatric and adult deformity
  • Teaching the next generation
  • Research and data collection

There was great discussion around the utilization of Excelsius® Technology and how this technology changes the way surgery is done. Throughout the meeting, participants were able to experience live demonstrations of Excelsius3D® and ExcelsiusGPS® for spine and cranial applications. Excitement was generated around Excelsius3D®’s capabilities, including the position memory, intelligent maneuverability, and automatic registration to ExcelsiusGPS®. Participants also discussed how robotics and navigation can overcome challenging procedures and difficult-to-reach trajectories, in addition to streamlining workflows.

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The RNI seeks to improve patient care and surgical outcomes through peer-based discussion, idea sharing, and learning. This collaborative environment is designed to create a platform where education, research studies, and the nurturing of future leaders of robotic navigation surgery is continuously encouraged and supported. These value and evidence-based discussions will drive the further advancement of robotic navigation-assisted surgery and the betterment of patient care.

Watch the video below to see what our surgeons have to say about how ExcelsiusGPS® changed the way they perform surgery!

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