Delivering Innovation

  • A Conversation with Kevin

    Kevin is one of our Milling CNC Machine Operators in Audubon, PA. He has been with the Company since October 2015. We recently sat down with Kevin to discuss his many projects and find out what he likes best about the position.

    What do you like about working at Globus?

    There are many things I like about Globus, especially the amount of innovation. My job is very fulfilling and very challenging. I like coming to work and learning new things every day — I definitely find that here.

    What types of projects do you work on as a CNC operator?

    I work on many different projects as a machine operator. I run parts on machines to the tolerances and specifications on the print drawings and troubleshoot when parts fall out of tolerance. One thing I really enjoy is working closely with the Project Engineers. I’m able to provide insight and feedback on their prints if I notice areas where we could streamline processes. I’m excited about my job because we add value to the product development process and I love being part of this team that continues to deliver innovation with every new product.

Globus has created a “Spine Innovation Engine” that yields better and more refined products so patients can resume their lives as soon as possible. With over 100 people powering our development efforts, we believe that innovation can take many forms: from solutions that integrate advanced biomechanics with less anatomically disruptive implant designs to a novel instrument that speeds a routine procedure. Every product we offer benefits from our strength in product development, our foundation in basic and biomechanical research and our commitment to clinical research.


Product Development

Our teams of surgeons, engineers and machinists use an iterative development process to ensure delivery of a broad range of clinically relevant spine solutions to the operating room with a pace and quality that is unmatched in the industry. Learn More

Biomechanical and Basic Research

Our robust research and development programs range from discovering innovative solutions for clinical problems to evaluating and enhancing the performance of spinal implants and are an essential component of our product development process. Learn More

Clinical Research

Clinical studies are the foundation for advancing innovative spine care. Globus is committed to a robust investment into prospective and retrospective clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of our products. Learn More