Virtual Course List

Date Time Course Title Faculty  
ExcelsiusGPS®: Relevancy of Robotics in Healthcare Evolution
9/2/2020 10:00am ET From Skeptic to Believer: How ExcelsiusGPS® Changed My Practice and Approach to Surgery Roland Kent, MD register now
10/6/2020 7:00pm ET Panel Discussion on Technology Transition: How Was the Transition and Why Transition? Deepak Reddy, MD
Themistocles Protopsaltis, MD
Andrew Manista, MD
register now
11/4/2020 6:00pm ET Panel Discussion on Spinal Robotics in Academic Medicine Jeffrey Goldstein, MD, FACS, FAOA & Nicholas Theodore, MD, FACS, FAANS register now
Case Study Conversations: Advanced ExcelsiusGPS® Techniques
8/13/2020 6:00pm ET Interbody Solutions with ExcelsiusGPS® Sheeraz Qureshi, MD, MBA register now
Case Study Conversations: Advanced Trauma Techniques
9/15/2020 7:00pm ET Proximal Third Tibial Fractures: Plate or Nail? Marcus F. Sciadini, MD & Milan K. Sen, MD, FRCSC
10/8/2020 8:00pm ET Complete Solutions for Clavicle Fractures Joseph A. Abboud, MD,  Jonathan C. Levy, MD & Anand M. Murthi, MD
Case Study Conversations: Advanced Spine Techniques
9/23/2020 5:00pm ET IntraLIF®: Taking MIS TLIF to the Next Level Choll W. Kim, MD, PhD & Michael P. Steinmetz, MD register now
COMING SOON!   Scoliosis Correction Solutions: A Non-Fusion Procedure TBD
11/12/2020 6:00pm ET IntraLIF®: Taking MIS TLIF to the Next Level João Bergamaschi, MD & James J. Yue, MD register now
11/18/2020 6:00pm ET Treating L5-S1 From the Lateral Position Dr. Joshua Herzog & Sravisht Iyer, MD register now
Surgical Decision-Making: Ask the Experts
COMING SOON! TBD Sagittal Balance Techniques
Webinar will be taught in Spanish
8/20/2020 6:00am ET Patient Selection: ALIF vs. ATP Approach Greg Malham, BSc, MBChB (Otago), FRACS (Melbourne) & Matthew Claydon, BBS (Hons), BMedSci (Hons), FRACS (General), FRACS (Vascular), DDU register now
8/27/2020 6:00pm ET MIS Approaches: Evolution of Technology
Webinar will be taught in Portuguese
Sergio Mendoza-Lattes, MD & Koji Tanaka, MD register now
9/24/2020 12:00pm ET MIS Lateral Approaches: My Most Challenging Cases Prof. Massimo Balsano & Dr. Gerd Bordon register now
COMING SOON! TBD MIS Approaches: Evolution of Technology TBD
10/21/2020 6:00pm ET Correcting Cervical Deformity: Anterior Only, and Posterior Only and Combined Approaches Dr. Tim Moore, MD & Frank La Marca, MD register now

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