Interspinous Fixation

AERIAL® Interspinous Fixation is an expandable minimally invasive spinous process fixation system. With its expandable core and independent locking plates, AERIAL® offers a customized patient fit and allows for indirect decompression. Easy insertion and expansion provides a simple MIS solution for interspinous fixation.

  • Expandable Core: Eases implant placement and reduces steps, allowing for up to 6mm of distraction to help increase neuroforaminal space.
  • Independent Locking Plates: Bilateral plates separately engage each spinous process to fit patient anatomy.
  • Innovative Instruments: Streamlined delivery with one instrument for insertion and expansion.

Lordosis Angle and Indirect Foraminal Decompression Following Interspinous Process Fixation with an Expandable Device
A Cadaveric Radiographic Analysis

The AERIAL® expandable interspinous fixation spacer, when used in conjunction with a lateral spacer and lateral plate, achieved substantial neuroforaminal decompression without compromising lordosis.

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