Our Spine Innovation Engine has developed a portfolio that includes a comprehensive line of technologically-advanced spine products. To date, we have released over 100 products and have over 30 more in various stages of development.

Globus Medical, Inc. is a leading musculoskeletal implant manufacturer and is driving significant technological advancements across a complete suite of spinal products. Founded in 2003, Globus’ single-minded focus on advancing spinal surgery has made it the fastest growing company in the history of orthopedics. Globus is driven to utilize superior engineering and technology to achieve pain free, active lives for all patients with spinal disorders.

This passion, combined with Globus' world class engineering, transforms clinical insights into tangible spine care solutions. We are driven to provide the highest quality products to improve the techniques and outcomes of spine surgery so patients can resume their lives as quickly as possible.

Medical Technology Research

Globus is committed to the advancement of spine medical technology and improving patient care. As such, we invest in a robust research and development program. An essential element of that program is working with the medical community on research projects. Globus supports genuine independent medical research for the advancement of spine knowledge and discovery in the following two distinctive areas...Read More

Clinical Trials

Clinical Studies are the foundation for advancing innovative spine care and Globus is committed to a robust investment into clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of our products...Read More

Bioskills Training: Minimally Invasive Surgery

Newer surgical techniques, such as Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), require a simulated learning environment facilitated by intensive cadaveric training. We offer multiple programs to meet the needs of interested surgeons...Read More
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Featured Products


AERIAL™ is an expandable interspinous fixation system designed to provide indirect decompression and spinous process fixation while optimizing patient fit.


  We are pleased to announce the launch of our new high viscosity bone cement, FORTRESS-Plus™ and accompanying Cement Mixer and Transfer Pack. The FORTRESS-Plus™ Bone Cement is ready to inject 3 minutes after mixing and has a 12 minute working time. Compared to low viscosity bone

HAVEN™ Dual Plate Laminoplasty System

The HAVEN™ Laminoplasty System is a dual plate system that uniquely offers bilateral lamina support, bridging the posterior arch to help protect the spinal cord.


The MAGNIFY® expandable ALIF spacer system is designed to minimize impaction, maximize indirect decompression, and optimize fusion. Minimized insertion height, continuous expansion, and the ability to backfill autogenous bone graft separates MAGNIFY® from from traditional ALIF spacers. Minimize Impa
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