Spine Innovation 7/14

July 01, 2014

Spine Innovation
JULY 2014

NOW INTRODUCING Direct Look™ – Lateral Access

Direct Look™ is an MIS approach to lateral access, utilizing a series of streamlined retractors that enable direct visualization of the psoas muscle and identification of the corridor’s neural structures.

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CREO MCS™ revolutionizes patient care by providing enhanced cortical screw fixation paired with advanced interbody technology through a simple minimally invasivemidline surgical approach.
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KINEX® Bioactive Surgeon Overview

Learn more about KINEX® through a surgeons perspective with a video of Chad J. Prusmack, MD of Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic, provides an overview of Globus Medical’s KINEX® Bioactive.

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Spine Biomechanics Symposium

JULY 25, 2014

On July 25, 2014 Globus Medical Inc. is hosting the first Spine Biomechanics Symposium in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The spine biomechanics symposium is a genuine attempt to bring biomechanical researchers and spine surgeons onto one platform for interactive discussions on innovative biomechanical research and the latest technological advances in spine surgery. Since its inception, Globus Medical’s research team has been striving to help bridge the gap between lab and clinic. The meeting is aimed at providing a platform for thought-provoking ideas, debates, and scientific discussions. The symposium is aimed at presenting high quality, original, and clinically relevant papers.

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CREO® Threaded thoracolumbar stabilization system enhances efficiency and ease of use by providing a complete array of implant options for treating complex spinal pathologies with one system.

CREO AMP® Threaded, an Advanced Modular Platform for thoracolumbar stabilization, features unmatched ease of use and intraoperative versatility by providing intuitively designed implants and instruments that maximize security and construct stability

MONUMENT™ is a unique ALIF system with a built-in mechanical reduction feature that is designed to aid in spondylolithesis reduction (Grade 1).

SIGNIFY™ Bioactive’s components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts that help promote bone formation.