Spine Innovation 5/13

May 01, 2013

Globus Medical – May 2013

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Globus Medical is grateful to have you as a valued partner in advancing patient care for those suffering with spinal disorders. Thank you for the confidence in us to provide you with great products and service. We hope this periodic newsletter will keep you informed on our innovative product line offerings, corporate related news and impactful training opportunities available at Globus Medical.

SI-LOK.com and iPad Application

We are pleased to announce that the SI-LOK® App is now available via the iPad App Store. There is a link to the App on the newly launched SI-LOK® Website.

Discover SI-LOK®, an innovative product indicated for sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion. The SI-LOK® SI Joint Fixation System, is a comprehensive set of hydroxapatite (HA) coated screws and cannulated instruments specifically designed for SI joint fusion.

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New Product Highlights

Globus recently launched three new products:

The FORTIFY®I Corpectomy Spacer System is designed to provide anterior column support and help prevent implant dislodgement. The spacer has integrated titanium plates and screws for additional stabilization between the vertebral bodies and the spacer.

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FORGE™ Cervical Allograft Spacer is a corticocancellous spacer designed to provide a natural option for anterior cervical fusion.

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REVOLVE® Low-Profile, is our most streamlined minimally invasive pedicle screw system on the market, is now available in a low-profile system offering.

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News and Updates

Globus Medical’s Reports 2013 First Quarter Results

I am very pleased with this quarter’s results, especially measured against our strong first quarter last year. Once again, our ability to deliver innovative products, attract top sales force talent and maintain financial discipline has enabled us to consistently deliver superior growth and profitability. We launched two products this quarter, and are on track to reach our annual target of 5-10 new products annually, commented David Paul, Chairman and CEO.

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Upcoming Workshops & Training

Globus Medical’s Upcoming Training Courses in 2013

Skin-to-Skin®: MIS TLIF 05/18/13 Providence, RI

Skin-to-Skin®: LLIF 06/07/13 Washington, DC

Skin-to-Skin®: Sagittal Balance 06/21/13 Chicago, IL

Skin-to-Skin®: SI-LOK® SI Joint Fusion 07/19/13 Audubon, PA

Globus Medical Upcoming Events in 2013

IMAST 2013: Globus Medical will be providing a workshop that will feature presentations and videos on the technique of direct visualization for the MIS LLIF approach. The Direct Look™ technique is a mini-open approach to the retroperitoneal space emphasizing complete visualization of the psoas muscle and identification of the corridor’s neural structures. The goal of this approach is to improve surgical outcomes by decreasing postoperative leg pain, weakness, and sensory loss. The presentations will include case studies and outcome measurements. The workshop will also provide time for questions and hands on practice with the Direct Look™ instruments.