Spine Innovation 12/13

December 01, 2013

Spine Innovation

Globus Medical Patient Testimonials

Globus Medical is driven to provide the highest quality products to improve the techniques and outcomes of spine surgery so patients can resume their lives as quickly as possible. We are constantly in the pursuit of better patient care and understand that speed is critical, because life cannot wait.

Below are testimonials from actual patients who experienced spinal disorders and went through corrective surgery. The patients voluntarily shared their story with us and were not compensated for their views. Feel free to share the links of the testimonials to patients who are considering spine surgery.

Sarah M. Testimonial

The patient testimonial of Sarah Markiewicz, experienced moderate to severe scoliosis with a 55 degree curvature.

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Mike H. Testimonial

The patient testimonial of Mike Hughes, suffered from Neurogenic Claudication.

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Joe B. Testimonial

The patient testimonial of Joe Battaglia, chronic back pain sufferer, on his experience with the minimally invasive LLIF procedure.

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New Product Highlights

Globus Medical has launched several new innovative products this year. Highlighted below is KINEX, which is part of a new bioactive family of products being offered. CREO and CREO AMP are the next generation of fixation systems in pre-assembled and modular platforms to maximize security and construct stability. Click on each product to learn more.


KINEX Bioactiv components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts, promote early vascular development and bind proteins necessary for bone regeneration.

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The CREO thoracolumbar stabilization system enhances efficiency and ease of use with intuitively designed instruments and a complete array of implant options for treating complex spinal pathologies with one system.

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CREO AMP, an Advanced Modular Platform for thoracolumbar stabilization, features unmatched ease of use and intraoperative versatility by providing intuitively designed implants and instruments that maximize security and construct stability.

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Product Reviews

CREO Converts Pedicle Screw Business:

Dr. G is a newly converted surgeon to Globus. For his first CREO case, he did an L2-L5 posterior fusion and the case went FLAWLESS! He loved the system. The new screwdrivers and reducers all worked fantastic! Now that he has the taste of CREO he wants no other system. We have eight lumbar fusions scheduled in the next two weeks. This is very exciting for our territory and a job well done to the guys inside for such a well-designed system!!

– Alex Bogie

CREO AMP Converts Pedicle Screw Business:
Click on the image (left) to preview the CREO AMP Animation

Dr. S, neurosurgeon, has been using RISE/CALIBER for 50% of his PLIF cases over the last year, but has never given us an opportunity on his pedicle screw business. Dr S. used CREO AMP in the lab during a home office visit, and was very impressed with its streamlined instrumentation, and the versatility of the system. Dr. S. inserted all the screws and left them extremely proud and then did a decompression/PLIF and sinks the screws at the end. With CREO AMP he saw the benefit of being able to fully seat his screws, achieve a more comprehensive decortication, and distract without needing a rod in place. He did his first CREO AMP case 1.5 months after our visit and he absolutely loves the system. It’s very efficient and easy to use. The case went very smoothly and everyone was impressed. CREO AMP really takes the saying “a screw is a screw” and proves it wrong.

– Ryan Knapp

Upcoming Medical Education Programs

Globus is committed to the continuous improvement of patient care and outcomes through the advancement of knowledge in the medical community with customized programs and learning experiences. Designed and led by experienced spine surgeons, each seminar, hands-on lab, case review and discussion provide attendees with opportunities to gain practical experience and product knowledge.

February 8, 2014: Skin-to-Skin: LLIF Cadaveric Training Program/strong>

February 22, 2014: Complication Avoidance and Management

March 22, 2014:Skin-to-Skin: LLIF and Direct Look Cadaveric Training Program

Awards and Recognitions!

Over the last few months, Globus Medical has been recognized and awarded for it’s numerous advancements in spinal technology. See the list below:

Orthopedics This Week, Best New Technology For 2013:

This annual award rewards inventors, engineering teams, surgeons and their companies who’ve created the most innovative, enduring and practical products in 2013 to treat back pain.

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Marcum LLP
Innovator of the Year:

This award honors businesses that are pioneering new advancements in healthcare.

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Forbes, Americas Best Small Companies:

Recognized in the top 100 (#27) public companies with sales under $1 billion. Ranked based on return on equity, sales growth and earnings growth over the past year, as well as the past five years.

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