A Cohesive Cellular Allograft with Viable Cells

ViaCell is a cellular allograft containing viable cells including mesenchymal stem cells and osteoprogenitor cells, which are essential requirements for bone formation. The components of ViaCell provide the three essential elements of bone formation:

  • Osteogenic Cells
  • Osteoconductive Scaffold
  • Osteoinductive Growth Factors

ViaCell is a cohesive putty that can easily be molded and delivered to the treatment site.

ViaCell Features

Highest Average Cell Count

ViaCell contains an average of at least 700,000 cells/cc, of which ≥20% are mesenchymal stem cells and osteoprogenitor cells.

Exceptional Handling

The demineralized cortical fibers provide cohesive putty-like handling.

Easy Preparation

The provided cell strainer helps decant cryoprotectant without loss of product, and no additional rinsing is necessary.

Precise Processing

Time-sensitive aseptic tissue processing has been refined for maximum cell viability.

ViaCell is minimally processed human tissue regulated by the FDA under 21 CFR Part 1271and Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act.