Exceptional Response

Joe began as a temporary employee with Globus in 2007, building sets and processing returns. Today he is overseeing a growing team as our Assistant Manager, In-House Inventory. Read below to learn more about Joe and how his team upholds Globus’ philosophy of exceptional response.

  • A Conversation with Joe

    Tell us about your career at Globus.

    When I started working at Globus in December 2007, I was the only one in the department. I always think back to when I first started, walking through Product Development and how busy it was, but the rest of the building was open space. It’s not like that anymore and it’s been exciting to see the growth of the company and my department!

    What sets your department apart from other companies?

    To me, it’s amazing how much Globus invests in our training and educational programs. My team helps set priorities among multiple departments, supplying inventory so everyone gets what they need and we all work together to accommodate needs.

    What do you like most about working at Globus?

    I like the fact that every day is different. I work with so many different departments and it’s the people I work with that make me enjoy coming to work every day.

    What does it take to be successful at Globus?

    If you take the time to learn about the products and how they are used and remember the big picture—that you are helping patients—it’s easy to show up every day and enjoy what you do. You have to keep a positive attitude and work hard. To be successful at Globus, it’s important to at least try to offer a solution to every problem that you might run into.

Skip: Inventory and Business Process Analyst

  • A Conversation with Skip

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    My wife, Remy and I live in a neighborhood of Philadelphia referred to as Graduate Hospital with our one-year-old son, Levi. We love the family friendly nature of this area and often spend our time along the river on the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk trail. With a background in race event management where I spent several years managing course operations for the NYC marathon, I enjoy spending time outside as often as possible!

    Describe the role of the Field Asset Management group at Globus.

    The Field Asset Management team’s mission is to ensure inventory availability to our customers and sales reps by maximizing the efficiency of commercially deployed inventory. I started at Globus in July of 2016 as the first business process analyst and it's been exciting to see the team grow over the past two years. Working closely with sales management, we determine inventory needs in the field to support our growing business and new business opportunities. In order to maximize efficiency, we coordinate with multiple internal teams such as Customer Service, Logistics, Product Development, IT and Purchasing to deploy inventory where it is needed. Our department really enjoys collaborating with so many facets of the company and working together to support our sales team.

    What sets your department apart from other companies?

    Our team strives to deliver solutions on a daily basis. We think outside the box to fulfill the needs of our customers. I can think of a recent situation when a new surgeon customer had scheduled not only his first lateral case with Globus, but his first in three years. Since we work so closely with the field, we know that these cases are a great opportunity for the sales rep to demonstrate the value they can bring to the surgical team and we knew we had to deliver to solidify this new relationship. It was a busy week with lots of parts moving in and out of the building. We explained the situation to our Receiving and Returns teams and then we all pulled together to locate and process all of the parts needed for this case. It was a great example of our teamwork and customer dedication.

    What do you like best about working at Globus?

    It’s difficult to name just one but I definitely feel honored to be part of a company working to provide life-changing solutions for patients in need. I also enjoy the education of the industry that I gain on a daily basis and the innovation from our Product Development teams.

    What does it take to be successful at Globus?

    To be successful at Globus, you must have an unwavering ability to stay focused while multi-tasking.

Keith: Field Service Engineer

  • A Conversation With Keith


    How long have you been with Globus and what is your background?

    I've been with Globus just over a year. I have 20 years of experience in IT and electronics, most of them in Field Service. Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with high tech explosive and narcotic discovery systems in the US and internationally for government customers such as the DOD, DOS, and Department of Homeland Security. This work greatly increased my knowledge of field service, high-end electronics, and automation.

    Tell us about your role as field service engineer

    Our number one priority is customer satisfaction for our end-users and in-house customers. The old saying regarding a "jack of all trades" fits well. Our job description can change drastically from day-to-day but mostly consists of ExcelsiusGPS® system installations and maintenance for our external customers. While performing this role we must also be aware of our internal customers (Engineering, Sales, and Management) needs. This could range from working on a system in the field as the eyes and hands of one of our software or mechanical engineers to troubleshooting issues for a Clinical Rep or Regional Sales Manager. Although we don’t have to be a "Master" of each of these areas, it's very important that we have an understanding of IT, Electronics, PLCs, Motor Controls, Software, and several other technical areas involved with Robotics. Importantly, my role includes the ability to work well with others and present a positive face to the customer who may be upset.

    What happened that day of the snowstorm?

    During one of the several nor'easters we experienced this winter, where travel in Boston was very difficult, there was an ExcelsiusGPS® demo system in Virginia that required technical assistance. Through remote troubleshooting, we determined a part needed to be replaced by a field service engineer. After booking one of the only flights out that day, I managed to get to the office and find that part in the warehouse using only a flashlight because there was no power. After a few delays leaving Boston, I arrived in Virginia and was able to repair the system, allowing the sales rep to complete the demo to a key customer who was also considering purchasing a competitive system. When the demo was finished, the customer decided that our technology was far superior and decided he would rather have our system!

    What is your favorite part of your job?

    Every day is different and it allows me to use a wide span of skills. I am constantly learning and expanding my skill set. Globus is also unique compared to other companies in the way Engineering, Software, Clinical, and Field Service teams interact. It makes for an excellent solution database and an enjoyable team environment.

    What would you tell someone looking to get into this type of career?

    After attaining a degree in Electronics, Automation, Robotics, or IT, volunteer! This career like so many others is about stepping stones and relationships. Anytime your supervisor asks for a volunteer for training or in an area of work you are unfamiliar with, volunteer. Hone your troubleshooting skills and ask questions. If you are the smartest person in the room, move to another room. There is always something to learn. Be open and helpful to those around you. You never know if the person you are working with today may be your hiring manager 10 years from now so always build supportive relationships.

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Our willingness to actively listen and quickly respond with high quality solutions separates us from our industry peers.

Culture of Urgency

We believe that high quality products and services are the natural result of fostering a culture of urgency throughout the entire organization. We have shown that by acting quickly and gaining feedback, we can produce high quality results. Our rapid pace of launching high quality products and supporting them with uncompromising service and specialized instrumentation is the most visible proof of this unparalleled level of response.

Dedication to Service

Globus is committed to providing an uncompromising level of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet the needs of surgeons and patients. We have recruited, trained and developed an exclusive sales force to provide our customers with world-class service.  Our Spine Specialist’s receive comprehensive technical training which prepares them to support the patient care team.

Surgical Instrumentation

We have made a significant investment in implant and instrument inventory to support hospitals and provide a comprehensive line of solutions to meet the needs of patients with spinal disorders.